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2-Tier Cutlery Drawers

2-Tier Cutlery Drawers

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Optimize Kitchen Space with 2-Tier Cutlery & Combo Drawers

2-Tier Cutlery Drawer: Easy-Install, Dual-Level Organization

Featuring a slide-out upper tray, this 2-Tier Cutlery Drawer reveals a hidden second layer for optimized storage. Installation is a breeze; simply add a drawer front to the pre-assembled box.

2-Tier Cutlery Combo Drawer: 30 & 36-Inch Options for Maximized Space

Offering added width, our 2-Tier Cutlery Combo Drawers come in 30 and 36-inch sizes. These units include a slide-out upper tray with built-in knife storage and additional compartments for larger utensils and wraps.

Explore our 2-Tier Cutlery Drawers for ultimate kitchen organization. The standard option has a movable upper tray for dual-layer storage and is easy to install. Need more room? Try our Combo Drawers in 30 and 36-inch sizes, featuring built-in knife storage and extra compartments for large utensils and wraps.

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